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Dysplastic What?

April 16, 2013

This is purely informational based on my experience with the removal of a precancerous spot on my arm and how it has brought my workouts to a crawl. Ok, boy this might be a long post but how to break it down short? Eh, here goes.

Let’s rewind a couple of months, I thought it might be a good idea to get a skin baseline with a dermatologist. Fair skin, freckled, green eyed ginger equals high risk for skin cancer. This combined with the Texas sun and my love for outdoorsy kinds of sports (i.e. wakeboarding, horse-riding, golf)


IMG_20130416_151841 IMG_20130416_151947

I just thought it might be the wise thing to do. Well one office visit, some nudey baseline photos later and few minutes of a Doctor pondering over various points of my body there is silence, I knew something had peaked her interest, dark heart-shaped ❤ freckle on my right arm. The doctor biopsied (shave/punch) on the spot (bur-rum-pah), the result went to the lab and I went on my merry way. The results came back as “Dysplastic Nevi”. Dysplastic What? Basically abnormal mole, you can read more on wiki etc. Doctors are quick to recommend full excision to the possibility of progression in to malignancy so I made an appointment with my GP to get a second opinion, and she agreed excision was the right course of action. GP recommended Dr. Anderson, a plastic surgeon in Fort Worth. I made the appointment for surgery, scrubbed in and that was 20 days ago today (4/16). So, I just got back from my post op appointment with the surgeon. My arm looks to be healing really well. The biopsy results declare “no residual tumor” so I’m in the clear.

I’m not a doctor, I know little about this kind of thing. But to keep things brief, I had a plastic do the procedure. The original freckle was tiny (and so damn cute), probably a 2mm. The biopsy site was approximately 1 cm square. Now the kicker…the incision for the excision is approximately 2.5 inches long, and I have a divet in my arm now that will improve into a “depression” over the next 4-6 months. The surgery itself is a piece of cake, but I completely underestimated how sore this would be. I actually ended up take a couple of days off work. In my naivety, I expected to be back at work the same day and back at kickboxing that following day. I’m and just now healed enough to think about working out. Granted, my incision falls in a bad spot right between my tricep and bicep.  

It’s not pretty, but the peace of mind is good. >>> Left (18 post op) Top (Shave/Punch biopsy) Bottom (day of surgery).

So back to working out! Yay. I can resume all activity with the caveat that I ALWAYS wear sunblock. Well, guess what…I ALWAYS HAVE. My friends affectionately call me the sunblock Nazi.

My next adventure starts May 1. Insanity.

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