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Insanity Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

April 30, 2013

Post Workout Thoughts:

Energy- how much on a scale of 1 to 10 did I give it? I would like to say about a 7, maybe a little less. My feet still feel a little slippery on the tile so I was being especially cautious.

Sweat scale (1 dry as a bone- 10 dip in the pool): I’m really don’t sweat much, but in comparison to my TaeKondo/Kickboxing I did noticed more sweat. I’d say about a 5. I’ll post a pic.


Calories Burned: 255 according to my heart rate monitor. Which is lower than I expected, I burn double that at a usual TaeBo session. This was more challenging though, which is interesting. 

Heart Rate: at one point it was as high as 198, I felt a little dizzy so I walked around my living room for a few extra seconds taking in deep breaths and blowing them out.

Fun? I would not say this is fun, I would say that Shawn has a knack for keeping thinks moving and preventing boredom. Maybe my opinion will change once I do a full cycle.

Stretching. There a really nice warm up stretch which is about 7 minutes and a cool down which is around 4 minutes.

Questions I have:

With beginning this program I have so many questions. Most are just things I am pondering.

1) What is the best time of day to do the workout of the day?

There are tons and tons of opinions out there. I don’t think it matters particularly. There are pros and cons to both. For me, I have chosen 4 am workouts. After work I am usually too tired, or something comes up.

2) Should I eat before or after?

Being that I am going to be up so early I’m not sure this is even relevant. I am hoping that I am not thinking about my tummy being empty when I’m jumping around. I also hope that I have enough energy. This is a question asked by others. Here is a pretty good thread on Beachbody

3) Is it ok to work out on a tile floor?

During my fit test I noticed my feet slipping during power jacks. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here.

4) How should I deal with muscle soreness?

I’m at a loss here. My ankles get sore in particular, partly due to a previous injury and partly repetitive stress (?) Is that even a thing? I just know just that they hurt. Ice and Tylenol?

5) How many calories should I be eating?

Right now I’ve been eating something around 1300 calories. I read these workouts burn 1000 calories. I’m not buying it so I used my heart rate monitor for Plyo today and for this workout I burned a total of 255 calories in 41 minutes. I think I can probably do about 1500 calories. I’ll look more at this later.


Just my personal opinion but I think the vegan chocolate is pretty gross, I’m going to try it with almond milk or something, but with water and some berries I couldn’t even drink it. I have a real aversion to artificial sweetener and this definitely has that taste. Now, I did just have the tropical strawberry with milk, ice, water and strawberries and that is pretty tasty!

Update: vegan chocolate with almond milk, banana, peanut butter and strawberries is yum.

By the way, I found an awesome app in Google Play for android to track and check off workouts “Insanity Tracker”. Check out Insanity Tracker on Google Play!

UPDATE: More on Calories

There is a great article regarding factors that affect the amount of calories burned here

The Journal of Sports Sciences provides a calorie expenditure formula for each gender. Men use the following formula: Calories Burned = [(Age x 0.2017) — (Weight x 0.09036) + (Heart Rate x 0.6309) — 55.0969] x Time / 4.184. Women use the following formula: Calories Burned = [(Age x 0.074) — (Weight x 0.05741) + (Heart Rate x 0.4472) — 20.4022] x Time / 4.184.

Let your age be 32 years and let your weight be 173 lbs. for this example. You’re male and your average heart rate during a 37-minute exercise session was 133 bpm. Your calorie expenditure during this exercise session was [(32 x 0.2017) — (173 x 0.09036) + (133 x 0.6309) — 55.0969] x 37 / 4.184 = 450 calories.

So, a person who is 40 lbs lighter then the example above would burn only 418 calories in the same example. I put all this in a excel spreadsheet, but I’m too slow to figure out how to embed it here.

Tomorrow:  Cardio Power and Resistance…I’ll let you know how it goes.


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