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Insanity Day 4: Cardio Recovery

May 2, 2013

Ok, so I completely flaked out at 4am this morning. I had a terrible time sleeping which left me back in the grips of #teaminsomnia boo.  This pretty much set the tone for my Thursday. I felt uneasy and unsettled all day. Many challenges. Did not do myself any favors in the food department either. 😦 but alas,  I did redeem myself with my insanity work out this evening,  and cardio recovery could not have come at a better time.


When this got started,  I was like “yesssss”,  I so got this.” ummm uh huh. Don’t let the less frantic tone fool you.  Get ready to work.

My muscles really needed this focused attention and stretching.  I liked the yoga pieces greatly. The squats/ lunges were brutal and the plank work really challenging. Again,  went really fast (33 mins)  and Shawn’s delivery was impeccable in this slower format.

I broke a sweat,  nothing like the previous 3 workouts.  My muscles feel so great and loose right now. I am hoping I’ll rest easy tonight.

I’m too lazy to type up the exercises,  and this guy does a nice job. here

I didn’t take any pics today so here is an artsy pic of my Brooks tennis shoes.  🙂


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