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Insanity Day 23: is this sh¡t getting harder?

June 4, 2013

Ok,  so maybe it’s my imagination or maybe I’m working harder but good grief this feels like it’s getting tougher with every workout. I can pretty much keep up the entire routine but I’m still modifying a couple of the high jump moves to save my knees. Arm feels solid,  no more twinges. Tonight,  I was pouring sweat. Sweat running of my nose,  into my eyes etc. Maybe it’s the humidity?? Crazy.

I am dreaming about recovery week at this point. My body feels tired if that makes sense. My wrists are sore,  even my toes seem to beg for some rest.

Something I think I noticed today is less,  hmm hmph,  jiggle. Y’all know what I mean right,  ya know back there? It’s the little things. 🙂

4 workouts to go and it’s buh bye month one!

p. s. I think I’m addicted to shakeology now.


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