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Dark Sands- by Kathryn Martin

January 28, 2015

Dark Sands
Bits and pieces of my mind reconcile at night, I find. My body lays still to seek peaceful slumber, as my mind assigns numbers to snippets of the day, they peak and fall away.
Only then do I realize I hurt. My body hurts, my shoulders ache, to the bone. My skin doesn’t feel like my own. I wriggle out and fold it delicately on a cheap wire hanger, the soft pink fabric folds discretely over and I place it on the rack.
I sense the bricks around my heart tumbling down clattering against the ivory scaffold only to land and disintegrate into dust on the floor.
Bubbles float up, float up in technicolor behind the dark curtain in front of my eyes.
There is no disguise at this time when I’m alone, I rock to avoid the touch of aloneness that brings a heavy feel in the air, I taste it on my lips as I breathe the last conscious breath of the day, it’s sullen stench touches my throat. I forget to pray, I just fall deeper in to nothing, fighting the abyss on my way down, feeling the tender clutch of sleep with arms cradled beneath my hair. There is no despair, no mythical creatures find me there, in this midnight wonderland, filled with flat dark sands, a neverland. There’s noone here to hold my hand. Noone.

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