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Tuesday 7/28 I think T25 Total Body Circuit is my favori…

July 28, 2015

I have decided that Total Body Circuit is my favorite work out of the Alpha T25 series. I love working out my arms, I love burpees, and yes I might be totally insane. I’m also dedicating an entire post to this work out. This workout makes me feel like a beast. It’s hard and I love it!

Here is the work out:

Alternating Knee Lifts

Alternating Knee Lifts on toes

Slow control jog

High knee jog

Hop hop turn

Jump rope run

Shoulder taps

Left Right Push Up

Alt. front lunge

Front lunge and squat

Front lunge and 2xSquat

Lunge squat progression

2 + 2 jabs

2 + 2 rotating jabs

2 + 2 in + out jab

2 + 2 moving jab

Plank hold

Plank walk

Plank walk + in and out abs

Plank walk + squat hold

Sprint it out

Power squat

Sprint + power squat

Sprint turn squat center

Walk feet in and out from plank (series thru hops)

Pike ups

180 degree squat and burpee

Spider lunges

spider lunge + push up

Oblique knee push up

Tap push up

Lunge squat progression

2 + 2 moving jabs

Plank walk + squat hold

Sprint turn + squat center


180 degrees squat + burpee

Oblique knee push-up

Floor sprints

Body run

Something else I’ve been trying to find is a decent beginners weight routine. It’s kinda tough when you really haven’t don’t that kind of thing before.  I just reached out to a friend of mine, but I am thinking about reaching out to some other bloggers here for suggestions.

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