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Week 3 Begins : Focus T25 Alpha TBC.

August 3, 2015

I’m feeling pretty good today, despite a good portion of yesterday dedicated to day drinking and bar hopping in a VERY hot downtown Dallas. I am now at the “order a beer and pitcher of water” phase of the summer. It is crazy hot with no end in sight (105 this coming weekend URGH). With that said, I missed the Friday workout that I was supposed to do Sunday. I did think about trying to double up and do Lower Focus and Abs this week but I think I am just going to have to make it a gimme and move along.

I took my measurements and all that fun stuff yesterday though. I’m only down 2lbs, but I lost inches:

Measurements day (yayyyy):
Neck down 1/4 inch
Chest down 1.5 inches
Waist down half inch
Hips down half inch
Wrist same
Bicep up 1/8 inch
Thigh down 1/4 inch
Calf 13 down 1/4 inch
Wrist 6.25 no change
Bicep 12 up 1/4 inch
Thigh 22 down 1/2 inch
Calf 13.5 no vhangr

Weight 145.8 lbs (down 2.2 lbs in 2 weeks)
Body Fat 19%

TBC- Thoughts about this week versus Week One.

I think I am completing more full sets of the work out and modifying less and less. I sweat so much but feel strong except for my hip flexor was a little tight today 😦 I don’t think I have eaten enough calories today and its too hot to be hungry. Urgh.

Other fun things about today. I went into work late today as I had to go pick up my new specs! Love. I stuck with Michael Kors frames and they are just beautiful. Nice to be able to see my computer screen without straining. I take pics at some point, to tired now.

Peace and love.

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